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Adamas Milos, 84800


Mon-Sun, 07:00-24:00

tsigrado / milos

tsigrado, the adventurous one

Located right next to Firiplaka, Tsigrado is a small sandy cove with crystal water. Going down this beach is a bit difficult as visitors have to pass through a rocky passage to get there. If you are an adventurous soul you can go there by land (except the Trinity cruise) to climb down the wooden ladder with the rope.

The surrounding environment with the rocky cliffs is  impressive and the waters are shallow. There, you can explore the many caves, natural arches, secluded inlets, and cliff jumps. 

In its both sides there are caves to explore asn the bottom of the sea it is definitely worth it to. Sooo, get ready with your snorkelling equipment. 

Historical fact:

Let’s go now to a small historical trip about this place. Many years ago a steep, dazzling white sand dune used to lead all the way down to the water. Sand residues from the nearby Imerys (formerly S&B) plant had been disposed of here, thereby creating one of the most idyllic beaches on Milos. 

Now, however, it doesn’t look like that. A large part of the sand has been swept away by the surf in the winter, so you have to climb the wooden ladder mentioned before. 

Bonus fact:

There is a perlite mine operated by the mining company Imerys along with Trachilas.