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Mon-Sun, 07:00-24:00


Make fulfilling adventurous cruises in Milos, you will always remember.


Help people to live a complete life, full of memorable experiences.  The quality of people’s lives is measured in the experiences they have lived.  Trinity Yachting wants more people to find happiness by collecting new experiences.

What we do?

One day, a thousand memories! Trinity yachting provides a whole day, cruising around the island of Milos. Discover amazing landscapes, meet people from all around the world, taste excellent food and wine, see the magic of the ocean through snorkelling and so much more. 

Whom do we serve?

Hello adventurer,
Do you like exploring? Do you love the ocean? Are you thrilled by amazing landscapes and the cultural background? Do you love homemade food and local wines? Trinity Yachting cruise is made for you! 

How it started?

“Nothing in the world will take the place of persistence.” This is the motto that led to the creation of Trinity Yachting.

The story begins with Alexandros..

The story

The story begins with Alexandros, a young person, full of goals and visions, who seeks a way to live a complete life full of memories. He was 18 years old, with no help from family and friends, and completely broke. Alexandros is not afraid of hard situations, and never loses his courage no matter the difficulties. He loves the sea and sailing, so he followed his instinct and sailed away around the world for 10 years.

During his trips, he focused on himself. Alexandros put a lot of energy into educating himself. He was reading books and continuously trying to learn new things. Self improvement became his most important goal and he made himself better everyday in economics, business and management. He searches inside to understand who he is and what made him really happy, until one day, he finally gets it. He gets it and decides to quit his job as a captain. 

Was it hard? Yes, but that was not the problem.
Was it lonely? Yes, but that was not the problem.
Was it exhausting? Yes, but that was not the problem.
What was the problem?

He did not feel satisfied from his accomplishment.

Didn’t he make money? No, he made a lot of money, but money is not the most important thing.  Couldn’t he stand it anymore? No, Alexandros could do it just fine, but it’s not enough. 

Didn’t he love the sea? Of course, he loved the sea, and he was feeling comfortable with where he was.

So what was it?

The lack of human communication. Alexandros wanted to help people to gain happy memories for a lifetime. He may have enjoyed his time as a captain, but he couldn’t feel the satisfaction of inspiring new people.

How did it came true?

So he left everything behind, and he made his next step. Start his own sailing company. 

He has no support, no guidance, no money, but again nothing stopped him. He made everything it took to make it happen, and he succeeded in just a few months. 

He may have lost his sleep, devoted a ton of personal time, sacrificed his comforts, invested every last penny he had, but he made it. 

In 2018, in his late 20’s, Alexandros started Trinity Yachting. 

He chose Milos to offer daily cruises with semi-private and private tours. 

He managed to survive a difficult first season due to coronavirus measures, and the very next year became one of the most famous daily cruise brands on the island, and finally won a Trip Advisor Awards by his satisfied clients.

Right now Trinity Yachting is maybe the most famous and newest company in Milos. Alexandros is proud, but not about being famous. This is just the result. 

The reason behind  the prιde, is that he managed to find a way to live life. 

This is what makes him happy.

He lives according to his beliefs. 

He is helping people to live happy moments, they will always remember. 

He helps people to live a life full of memories that make them feel truly happy.



of the company

Teamwork with Persistence and determination

Not everyone could be a part of the Trinity crew. Every Trinity member has been chosen very carefully to be responsible and consistent on the quality of Trinity services.

Respect and caring for the customer

Customer comes first no matter what! Trinity respects every person who comes onboard and does everything to satisfy you with respect. 

Always in good mood and full of energy

Every trip is a different amazing experience, and every day is unique. That’s how every Trinity member perceives every day. Seize the day! (Carpe diem).


for you

Honesty, Trust and Reliability

Don’t hesitate to ask anything during your trip. Ask the Trinity team for whatever concerns you and get honest and immediate answers.


Trinity is responsible for your time onboard. First of all, your safety comes first. There is not a single chance to be exposed, no matter the circumstances. You are always safe. All you have to do is to follow the instructions of the Trinity team.

Every deal is sacred

You have expectations on your trip, and Trinity makes everything it takes to exceed them! Trinity’s mission is to give you a fulfilling adventurous cruise. Everything you have read or heard will be fulfilled. No stepbacks, no excuses. A deal is a deal.


Enjoyment, happiness and sense of freedom

You are here with the Trinity team for a reason! To have fun, explore new places, taste good food and the most important of all leave happy with unforgettable memories. This is what Trinity offers in its trips for people like you who are in an adventurous mood.


When was Trinity Yachting established and who owns it?

Trinity Yachting is a private charter company established in 2006, and operates on the island of Milos. It is owned by people full of enthusiasm and love for the sea.

NOW, Trinity Yachting:

  • Carried so far more than 10.000 passengers
  • Provides you service of private or semi-private cruises
  • It is ready to cruise you for more than one day. 
  • Offers you to book a cruise for special occasions (bachelor parties, birthday parties, wedding proposals and honeymoon cruises).

Meet the crew

The time on-board arrives. You are going to experience a thrilling day. But before that, it is the time to meet all the people who are here to assist you organize a unique daily sailing cruise tailored to your desires.

Alexandros Kelesis, 29

Alexandros, is the owner of the Trinity Yachting. He spent a major part of his late 20’s traveling around the globe as a captain and found many difficulties in his way. But he was full of will, determination and optimism that he would succeed. And so he did!

He is very well experienced in organizing trips and using the boat equipment to make sure everybody is safe on board. You will find him exploring nature, meeting new people and if you have a problem he is the perfect life coacher! He never gives up and he has the germ of a businessman and wants everything to work perfectly.

He believes that you can do WHATEVER it comes to your mind only if you make sacrifices to achieve it. 

The Yachts

Bavaria Nautitech 400

The Bavaria Nautitech 400 got plenty of room for everybody on board, made ideally to enjoy every moment relaxing or sunbathing on the trampoline between the hulls at the bow.


The Bavaria 50 Cruiser boasts robust construction, effortlessly slicing through the water with its swift navigation while exuding glamour with its elegant design and luxurious features.