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Adamas Milos, 84800


Mon-Sun, 07:00-24:00

gerakas / milos

Excellent beach under the caldera of the volcano, accessible only by boat. Sandy without stones and clear turquoise waters. Gerakas has huge sand slides, formed by Perlite which make it the main attraction of the area.


Gerakas has a volcano on the beach. The volcano of “Saint Kyriaki”. If you get close to there you will still see the steam coming up! If you go inside the caves there you will feel sooo hot like you are burning in a pot. The landscape is impressive and original. 

One small tip about this place is that  the water is super-deep up to the very “beach”. You literally sort of climb up to the beach. So, having in mind that the boat will probably park far away from the beach, if you are not a good swimmer, don’t try to reach the right coast, because you will get tired.