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poliegos / milos

Poliegos, the uninhabited paradise

Poliegos is located between Milos and Kimolos in the Aegean sea. It is the biggest uninhabited island in Greece!Here, you can find all kinds of wild nature beauty. Strange rock formations that have been sculpted over time into the sea, impressive caves to explore, magical turquoise waters in all shades of blue and volcanic hills.

Beaches in Poliegos:

Poliegos has some idyllic beaches that private yachts go to soak up some sun and dive into the pure waters of Poliegos.
Some of those are:  Kato Myrsini, Pano Myrsini, Galazia Nera, Ammura, Panagia and  Hochlakia. 

Fun facts:

  • Poliegos is an ancient place that was “the apple of contention” for Milos and Kimolos. From 338 BC until today the island belongs to Kimolos.


  • The island is protected by the Natura 2000 network as an important habitat, while here the Mediterranean monk-monk seal gives birth.(Maybe you are lucky and see some). 


  • Poliegos hosts some  other animal friends too. Rare or even endangered species of flora and fauna, like  special kinds of snakes, blue lizards, falcons, sparrows and ibex. 
  • Poliegos is considered inhabitant but hear this…

According to locals of nearby islands until 1972 the island had 14 inhabitants, who mainly engaged in animal livestock, while even earlier it was reported that 170 people lived there.At the moment two people live there to take care of the monastery and the animals. Enjoy your trip in Poliegos and If you are lucky, you will see carefree ibex walking on some of the beaches.