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Adamas Milos, 84800


Mon-Sun, 07:00-24:00

kimolos / milos

The lava landscape

kimolos, the chalk painting

While on your cruise you will explore so many different landscapes and wonderful beaches. In your way there is a small surprise. Not only are you exploring Milos but you will see another hidden gem in the Aegean sea. Kimolos! Kimolos is a quiet island with special beauty. It is also volcanic. 

Learn more info about the name of Kimolos:

Of course, as well as almost all places in Greece, its name has a special meaning. Kimolos got its name from the word kimolia. Kimolia is chalk. The chalk is basically white. So it’s Kimolos! Everywhere you look you will admire white houses, white cliffs and… just a white dream. 

Activities in Kimolos for all kind of people

  • In Kimolos you can do different kinds of activities for all types of people. 
  • You can do a hike to an enormous cliff having the shape of a mushroom (!)
  •  Explore the village of Kimolos through the picturesque alleys and find out the Castle of Kimolos 
  • Eat delicious Greek food. Yummy moussaka, fresh ice cream and refreshing greek salad. 
  • Make a historical adventure by visiting the Archaeological Museum. You will be amazed of the Exhibits from prehistoric times to late antiquity
  • Enjoy open-air cinemas and if you are lucky you might pass into a village festival. (Kimolians organise a lot of them!) 
  • It has a variety of options of  beaches to explore. Prassa, Mavrospilia, Karas, Bonatsa, Alyki and Goupas. 

Fun fact for Kimolos:

During the 13th – 14th century the Venetians called Kimolos Arzandiera or Arzandarawhich,  which means silver (because of the white colour of its rocks) . Ovid, a Roman poet, calls Kimolos cretosam, while referring to the Itinerarium of Antonini Augusti, who calls it Cimelos. The locals just call it “Kimolos, my paradise.” And they are not wrong about that.