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Adamas Milos, 84800


Mon-Sun, 07:00-24:00

sykia / milos

An open-top impressive cave

A cave you don’t wanna miss

Sykia it’s a magical cave in Milos. The special thing about this cave is that it is open on the top and the reflection of the sun goes inside, making it a wonderful spectacle. The cave it’s 5 meters high and 20 meters wide. 

The top part collapsed, with the result of creating a”hole” on the top of the cave where you can see the sky. The name of this place in Greek, means, “Fig tree”. It got it because very close to the open-top cave there is a fig tree. 

Sykia cave is only accessible by boat. Some big boats can’t access the cave inside but you will go as close as possible to see this impressive phenomenon. On the inside of the cave there is a small corner of pebbles and rocks that look like a tiny strip of a beach. 

(!) The water in the cave is deep and cold and the colours are a mix of transparent green and blue.