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klima / milos

The little Venice of Milos

Explore Klima, the colourful fisherman houses

Klima village is very famous in Milos. The reason, it’s because it attracts people to have a closer look at “Sirmata”.

”Sirmata” are two-floor colourful fisherman houses. The first floor is decorated on the outside, with vivid colours of blue, red and orange where the fishers live with their families. On the down floor they used it as storage of their boats. They protected them there from the bad weather.

Now, these fisherman houses are used as Air bnb’s for tourists. The way to go there by car is a bit unstable.

Why is Klima historically important?

In 1820, on a field in Klima village, a farmer dug up a statue.

What was it? It was the “Aphrodite. The Goddess of beauty in Greek Mythology. Because it was founded in MIlos, they named it “Aphrodite of Milos.”

After the discovery, they put up a sign to recognize the area that the statue found. It is historically important for the statue and as well for the area.

A copy of this statue is now in the Archaeological Museum of Milos. The original statue is in the Louvre Museum. Klima has many taverns to enjoy the greek gastronomy and it is worth it to see the sunset from this place.