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Aegean or Ionian Sea?

Summer vacation is over. We had a wonderful time. It was an adventurous summer with a lot of work but also a lot of sun and sea. What about you;

Now we should think about our upcoming Christmas holidays or straight to next summer? Ok let’s stick to what we love. Summertime and of course, on some Greek island.
And here comes the eternal question.
Aegean or Ionian Sea?

Aegean Sea


On the one hand, we have the sea of ​​Aegeus, king of Athens and father of Theseus. With North-East Aegean islands, Argosaronic islands, Dodecanese, Cyclades, and Sporades the options are many. Each island has its own story. Each island enchants different people.

Sikinos has Elytis, Hydra Seferis, Mykonos everyone.
Each island has its own flavors. Who would say no to Rhodesian souma, Syros’ loukoumi, Samian wine, or Chios mastic?
5 stomachs are not enough to try the dishes of the Aegean!

The coasts are barren but they seem exotic, with the wild winds that raise waves. And the waters are blue-green, a landscape that has come out of a movie.
The alleys on its island are very picturesque and traditional. Others dressed in white with blue and others stone in earth tones.

Nightlife for all tastes. Champagne in Mykonos, baked raki in Amorgos, nights out in Paros, and wonderful sunrises in Sifnos and Milos. Have you ever experienced the ultimate spree?

The show is stolen by: Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Ikaria, Amorgos, Koufonisia.

Ionian Sea

Legend has it that it was named after Io, one of Zeus’ many conquests. The complex of the Ionian Islands and the surrounding islands are there to enchant you.

You can go either by road or by air.

The Ionian Islands boast the ultimate, unadulterated, fake-looking turquoise and pristine beaches.
The combination of green and blue enchants you. You dive into the wild nature and breathe life.

Manorial architecture in the countries and in the settlements of the islands, influenced by Venetian rule.

Ideal for exploring sea caves for the more adventurous, but also suitable for family holidays.

The Ionian corresponds to relaxation. Sea, food, and all over again.
Not that you won’t encounter nightlife and beach parties.

Flavors that will thrill you? Sofrito and pastitsada.

The show is stolen by: Lefkada, Paxos, Kefalonia

On all the islands you will find the absolute blue of the sea and the dazzling bougainvillea.
But whatever you choose, you will find us again in Milos!

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