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8 things to do in Milos

Milos is famous for its clear blue waters, golden sand and the raw landscapes that you can encounter.
So of course, we’re not here to tell you to go to as many beaches as you can. It is a fact! What are you waiting for;
You can find the 6 best beaches that you should not miss, here.

So on to our topic. What are the 8 things you must do in Milos?

1. Stay at a Syrma house

In Klima, in the village of Milos where the statue of Aphrodite was found, you can find the Syrmata. Syrmata are houses that were built in the past by fishermen to protect their wooden fishing boats, particularly from bad weather conditions during the winter months. Nowadays, many of them are shops, but you can also rent to stay in and enjoy the most peaceful part of the island with the sea at your doorstep. Klima village is one of the most photogenic locations on the island thanks to the colourful traditional houses and there are many boat tours that make it possible to admire the landscape from the seaside.

2. Watch the sunrise at Sarakiniko beach and the sunset from Kastro

I know I’m asking a lot. Stay up until dawn? How will you wake up tomorrow to explore more beaches? But believe me, it’s worth it.
There is no better time to visit lunar Sarakiniko and admire this unique beauty. The scenery is indeed very impressive: long, white and smooth rocks with horizontal layers that create unique shapes hugging the sea. The erosion caused by the waves created various hollows all over them with the passage of time. These geological features shaped the moonscape of Sarakiniko and the hundreds of visitors that arrive there on a daily basis will agree that it looks less like the earth and more like the surface of the moon.
Sunrise is the only time you will find this beach quiet and be able to really enjoy it. And, if you’re brave, you might even swim in the cold waters at dawn.

Kastro is the highest spot of Plaka, the capital of Milos. This settlement was actually the old town of Milos and it was surrounded by castle walls in the Mediaeval times for protection. Kastro is distinguished for its Mediaeval architecture with the stone houses, paved paths and lovely house yards.
From the top of it, you can enjoy a breathtaking experience. Do not miss the famous sunset of Milos with the red-orange sun dipping into the Aegean Sea.

3. Take a cruise around Milos

A visit to the island of Milos is incomplete if you don’t do a boat tour around the island. It gives you the chance to swim in places only accessible by catamaran and see the island from a different angle.
Υou will have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear blue-green waters and see the beauty of nature at its best. You will be able to explore the bottom of the Aegean sea, or simply read your book in the shade in the middle of the ocean.

4. Visit the Ancient Theatre and the Catacombs

Located close to the village of Trypiti, the theatre is a great place to visit during your stay. Nestled on a hill, facing the Southside of the island, the acoustics and the views over Milos are perfect. The Roman theatre dates back to the Hellenistic period in the 3rd century BC. It was destroyed during Roman times and rebuilt out of marble. And to put it simply, it’s remarkable.
There are still performances and musicals in the theatre, so if you’re lucky you might catch one while you’re on the island.

One of the most important archaeological findings of Milos is the famous catacombs. There are three in total and they are found underground.
These catacombs were found in 1844 and it is estimated that they were built towards the end of the 1st century. They were used as Christian cemeteries during Roman times, and that shows that Christianity spread early on the island of Milos.
Today, you cannot visit all of the catacombs. You can only take a tour around the arcades.

5. Visit a local winery

Visit a winery to see the vineyard and the cave where the wine is aged, and try the delicious wine paired with local cheese and delicacies. You’ll have the opportunity to learn some secrets and tips from a family-owned winery and maybe buy some bottles of wine as a souvenir.

6. Take a scuba diving session

With many old shipwrecks, interesting reefs, rich flora and fauna and also with rocky islets of volcanic geological background, this place is a paradise for divers.
Rent the necessary equipment and organise boat trips to diving sites, which are many around the island.
Interesting Milos diving sites include the caves of Papafrangas and Sarakiniko, the Labyrinth of Kleftiko, where pirates used to sail, the caves of the sulphur mines, and the shipwrecks of Agios Georgios and Africa.

7. Attend a local festival

Now it’s time to learn how Greek people celebrate. It’s not just a religious thing, it’s to share happiness.
The local feasts are part of Greece culture which passes from generation to generation. Even today, these special events are landmarks in the lives of the inhabitants and a unique chance to socialise and enjoy some dancing.
You’ll dance traditional dances and drink local wine until morning. Don’t worry, they’ll show you the steps and even if you don’t get it at first, you’ll become part of it very fast.

8. Take a geological tour

The volcanic activity altered the morphology of the island throughout the years and shaped it into its current form, so the island is considered a geology museum.
There are several paths along which you will see the flora and fauna of the island, as well as the view of the Aegean sea.

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