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6 Best Unique Beaches in Milos that you cannot miss

The small Greek island of Milos is just over 150 km², but it’s big on natural beauty, picturesque villages and relaxing atmospheres.

The flow of lava has created a shoreline that is multi-faceted and in many places quite dramatic with strange rock formations that look like you are on another planet. Many of these rock formations are great places to swim. There are beaches, small coves and caves on Milos Island that are well worth exploring.

For the adventure travelers, families, photographers, romantic ones, or just if you want to fully relax.

Kleftiko, Milos, Greece


At first sight, the place will look familiar as it is pictured in most travel guides about the island. Impressive rocks spring up from the sea, forming natural caves and rare geological phenomena. Kleftiko is also known as The Sea Meteora.

Kleftiko means ‘stolen’ in Greek and it was thought that this remote southern bay, full of caves and grottos, was where pirates would often hide with their various stolen treasures.

By being the trademark of the island, Kleftiko is the most iconic and popular beach on Milos island.

While technically not a beach this is one of the most popular swimming spots on the island. The only way to reach Kleftiko beach is by boat. So you have to book a cruise tour to explore this enchanting landscape.

What to do

  • Bring snorkeling gear and swim through the caves and archways while enjoying the clear water full of fish.
  • Or make sure to book a scuba diving activity that will allow you to explore the fascinating waters of southern Milos.

Fun Fact

There is also a popular Greek dish called Kleftiko which is essentially lamb wrapped in paper – once thought to perhaps have been stolen meat.

It’s not really a beach for relaxing, more to take in the breathtaking natural beauty, with swimming in sea caves, arches, and some of the clearest water you’ll find anywhere in Greece.

Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece


Located in the north of the island, Sarakiniko is probably the most photographed place on Milos Island, due to the unique volcanic rocks, eroded by wind and sea to form huge smooth bone-white boulders. It’s almost like you are walking on the moon.

Sarakiniko was named after the Saracen pirates that ravaged the coastline settlements of the island for years.

White, elongated rocks spread in and out of the sea. The paradise of photographers and divers from the rocks. 

Deep enough for the bold ones that attempt cliff jumping, but other parts are shallow making it suitable for children.

Access & Time to visit

Access is by car and bus, and then a footpath down to the beach.

As it’s such a popular beach in Milos, it can get busy. But if you swim or walk around the bay you’ll be able to find you’re own little secluded spot.

We recommend going either early in the morning or just before sunset if you want to see it with fewer or no people.


The whole area of Sarakiniko is protected as a natural landmark, therefore, the beach is not organized with visitor facilities. Plan ahead, apply much sunblock, and enjoy your swim in a magical place.

What to do

  • There is the Sarakiniko Shipwreck, an old tanker ship that crashed into the rocks during a storm in 2003 and has since become a popular tourist attraction. It is about 300 meters to the east which is good to dive or snorkel on calm days.
  • Be sure to check out the old mining tunnels that are dug into the sides of the valley leading down to Sarakiniko beach.

Firiplaka, Milos, Greece


A favorite among visitors, Firiplaka has stunning volcanic cliffs painted in yellows, pinks, and whites, providing a unique backdrop to the green-blue water.

It is a combination of all the best elements of all the beaches on the island – calm, protected, big imposing colorful cliffs, a white sandy beach and crystal clear water.

It is a very shallow beach so it is great for families and people who are not strong swimmers.

It is also accessible by car.

There are a few sunbeds and a small beach bar in Firiplaka. 

This area can be a bit crowded during the high season, but as it’s a long beach, you can also go elsewhere for more quietness. Best to bring your own beach umbrella just to be sure.

What to do

  • A great activity to do is a kayaking tour which takes you around to various caves and bays in the area.
  • In the middle of Firiplaka beach, there’s a big rock, partly in the sea. It’s a great place to explore as it has a natural archway that you can swim through.
  • You can find smaller rock pools and lagoons at one end of Fyriplaka Beach which is ideal for snorkeling.
  • Take a geological tour – is a great chance to get to know a secret part of this island.

Tsigardo, Milos, Greece


14km ​​from Plaka is the beautiful sandy beach of Tsigrado. It’s a small, secluded, not organized beach in the south of the island. It has many caves to explore, a beautiful turquoise bay, clear waters, rock formations, arches, and shallow water to swim in. 


Tsigrado is for the more adventurous people. To reach the beach, you need to climb down through a narrow crack between volcanic cliffs. There are ropes and wooden ladders to help you do so.

So it may be difficult access to children or people with mobility difficulties.

Another popular way to visit this beach is by Kayak from nearby Fyriplaka Beach or you can reach it by boat.

What to do

  • Bring your snorkeling gear with you if you want to explore the beautiful underwater world too.
  • You can also take a kayak tour.

Tsigrado beach isn’t a big beach, so it can quickly feel crowded here. It’s best to come early in the morning if you want to have the beach to yourself.

But for sunbathing, it’s best to come somewhere between mid-morning and mid-afternoon to get the most sun on the beach. If you come too late, the sun will be gone and this Milos beach will be in shade.

Sykia, Milos, Greece

Sykia cave

Sykia is situated in the southwestern part of the island and it is also known as the Emerald or Blue Cave. The turquoise color of the water is mirrored on the walls of the cave, which is the reason why it was named the Emerald Cave.

The only way to get there is by boat, since there are no roads or paths close enough to the cave. A naturally occurring arch at the entrance of the cave will allow you to get into it by boat. 

Those who visit Sykia, usually also make a stop at Sykia beach, a tiny beach located inside a cave with no ceiling.

Sikia Cave used to be closed, but its top collapsed and the result is a beautiful round cave with an open round top viewing the blue sky.

Inside the cave, there is a cute small corner with stones like a small beach. The water there is very cold due to the restricted light and very deep waters.

There is nothing more to do than take underwater photos, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

It is a good idea to get there around sunset, to catch the enchanting sun rays coming through a hole in the cave’s ceiling. 

Klima, Milos, Greece


Klima Beach is a photographer’s dream, an Instagram hotspot and arguably the most colorful fishing village in Greece!

You can find this beautiful Milos beach in the northern region of the island, not far away from Plaka.

The traditional fisherman’s houses at Klima beach Milos are all different colors, making the beach so colorful. They have been painted different bright colors, so their owners could easily recognize them. And every house is designed the same way, with a living area upstairs and a garage for the fisherman’s boats on the first floor.

Right now, the houses aren’t used by local fishermen anymore, but most houses are being rented to tourists during the high season. So if you are looking for a unique place to stay in Milos, Klima beach is a great option!

There is no official beach or designated swimming area in Klima but you can go for a dip in the ocean almost anywhere you like.

What to do

There are a couple of shops housed in the buildings peddling handmade goods and souvenirs and a pair of restaurants with views out to sea. 

Late afternoon is a particularly scenic time to visit, as you can watch the sunset behind the mountainous western side of the island with the bay in the foreground. 

You can also visit the Catacombs and the ancient theatre of Milos, which are nearby.


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